Guide to Design A T-Shirt

We all love wearing t-shirts, don’t we? Yes of course! They are lightweight clothes which can be worn on pretty much every occasion and event that we need to attend in our lives. We invest so much time and money in choosing the correct one for us and our close ones. One of the major advantage of a t-shirt is the ability to customize and design it on our own way. In this article we are going to talk about the different processes in which t-shirts are designed and how to design them.

Different ways of designing a t-shirt:
Nowadays, there is a plethora of ways by which t-shirts can be designed. Let us have a look at them:
Screen Printing: this is one of the most popular method by which t-shirts are printed. It requires the t-shirt to be hold tightly and then holding a silk mesh over it which has small pores spread all over it. The colours are then squeezed through them.
Direct Printing: this is a relatively new technique which is more versatile and accurate. The technique helps the ink to get directly into the material. Maximum details and various colour options can be obtained.
Transfer Printing: as the name suggests, this method is done by transferring the design from one surface to another i.e. from the design pallete to the t-shirt. Complex designs thus can be easily printed.
Embroidery: everyone is familiar with this technique, in which the design is not printed but stitched with the help of machines or by hand as well. Machine embroidery is more accurate and faster than hand embroidery.

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Thus, as you can see the various ways in which designs are made on t-shirts which makes them look so attractive and beautiful. If you have the resources and materials, then you can easily design your own t-shirt and wear it or start a business. Though it is not an easy job to do, but you will get better with time as you keep designing.

Advantages of Designing your own t-shirts:
Just now we discussed the various ways in which you can design a t-shirt. Now we will discuss the various advantages of designing a t-shirt-
● Designing a t-shirt of your liking helps it to be an unique choice. Ready made t-shirts are widely made, so they fail to be an unique option. But having your own designed t-shirt helps you to get one, completely based on your thoughts and likings.
● If you start designing your own t-shirt then you will be able to do it according to your budget, without having to pay more.
● Custom made designer t-shirts helps you to gift an amazing personalised present to someone close to you. It will make a lasting impact because it will be an unique choice.

So as you read the article, you now know the various techniques by which you can design a t-shirt and also the advantages which a custom made designed t-shirt carries with itself.