How to start tshirt printing business

How to start tshirt printing business

Often while scrolling through your social media accounts, you stumble upon an Ad every now and then with some interesting products such as printed tshirts or customized mugs and clothing. No matter how convenient this job appears to through a screen, it involves a number of obstacles that may cause a lot of trouble in the longer run.

Tshirt printing does not require some technical science or mechanized procedure; however, it does involve a series of rational decision making, material of the right choice and setting up a target market. To make this experience more convenient and approachable for you, we have laid down some steps that will allow you to reach your goal, whether its silkscreen printing or block printing, both of them would require a similar level of patience and dedication.
Whether it’s about going to college or running late to a casual meet-up with friends, tshirts prove to be a great source of help as it is cool and trendy yet classy at the same time. With the growing trend in online business, tshirt printing has become one of the most prominent and growing business choice for entrepreneurs as it does not involve any sort of technicality either.

Silkscreen printing
Often people confuse it with block printing or other sorts but silkscreen printing is the most common and highly demanded type. Somewhat similar to stencil cutting but this involves coating in emulsion, bright light and some technicalities. Once you’re able to master them, you’re good to go with your products.
To make this process easier and convenient for you, we’ve decided to provide a step by step guide of tshirt printing business and its requirements including the need to create a business plan, marketing strategy and interesting designs.

Basic Steps:

1. Set your target market
To begin with, the most important part of starting this business involves choosing the right people for your business. A target market means, you choose the age, gender and background of the people you want to sell your products to. For example, if you’re creating tshirts with a ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Game of thrones’ theme, you’ll be addressing the youth varying between 18-24 years of age. Do not start off in a haphazard manner leaving the idea of a particular audience open to all. Having set a target market can also mean you’re making your tshirts for youth, adults or kids, but setting a certain kind of theme would make it easier.

2. Create a business plan
As technical or difficult this sounds a business plan guarantees you step by step evaluation of the entire process. A business plan does not have to be very complex. You can start off by writing your plan down on a paper and then give it a structure, later. Starting from your logistics till the marketing department, it gives you a strong hold on all of them, minimizing the risk of failure. A business plan can include a number of points such as holding the accounts, the kind of promotion and marketing involved, what kind of material and colours are to be used and the distribution of the product as well.

3. Choose the medium
A couple of mediums can be involved in the tshirt printing field. Some prefer embroidered, while others go for silkscreen printed tshirts. Embroidered tshirts have been a trademark of Ralph Lauren for long enough, so you may decide to choose a unique style. If you’re a pro at silkscreen printing, this entire thing becomes 10 times easier for you. But if you’re new to this, you can easily learn the procedure. The idea is quite similar to that of a stencil but instead of cutting the shapes one by one, the screen should be coated in emulsion. After which an image is cut out in bright light. The supplies required are easily available and you can conveniently look for something that is simple such as thin lines if it’s your first attempt.

4. Set the theme and design
If you’re aiming for creating tshirts for girls or young women, you can always experiment with something new and unique. Play with colours and designs. Some designers focus on going an extra mile with their ideas such as focusing on a societal message through their work. This makes a stronger customer base. You may add humorous messages or titles on the printed tshirts as well. A unique theme would allow your product to stand out and make an impact on the customers and their minds. This can be used as a prominent marketing tool as well later as this will attract a number of customers.

5. Focus on the Marketing
The product can be created but the important part is the marketing of the tshirt. There are numerous competitors you’ll find, constantly trying to work against you and coming up with newer trends and ideas. But to counter this problem, you should have your marketing plan set out. Use social media as your tool to spread the word as far as possible. Set up stalls or promotions at bigger stores such as Walmart to attract the public. Create an attractive poster that represents your brand and allows you to establish a trademark in tshirt printing.

6. Sell your product
Once you’re done with all these steps, find the right place to stock your products and start selling. You can avail the opportunity of online selling as well but it depends on the amount of tshirts being produced. You may start off slowly, but gradually gain pace as the market recognizes your creativity!
Tshirt printing may become a tough job once the orders start flowing in. it is important to set your goals clear and the number of items being produced should match the incoming amount of orders being received. All of this can be dealt with in the business plan before beginning the journey. Once you’re on this journey, everything falls in to place gradually.